Types of pruning

Pruning is the human activity that shapes trees and shrubs. Tree pruning can be agricultural or ornamental.

Agricultural pruning is always aimed at increasing the production of the tree while maintaining a balance between maximum production and a healthy life of the specimen. On the other hand, ornamental pruning is aimed at regulating the specimens, so that they can carry out their tasks for as long as possible, whether they live alone or are integrated into a habitat, whether natural (a garrigue, forest, pine forest) or artificial (home gardens).

Ornamental pruning in Mallorca

Tree pruning should consider the characteristics of each specimen (its growth, plant vigor, climax, etc) and its environment and climatic conditions (light, humidity, etc). It is very important that the pruner decides where he wants to take that habitat in general in order to carry out a suitable pruning. The phrase “there is no favourable wind if you don’t know where you are going” is famous, and in this case it applies to a thousand wonders. Without an objective and evaluation of the environment, pruning will never be effective. The specimens found in the habitat or garden will greatly influence how the pruning company carries out its pruning.

The training and experience of the pruning staff is basic to make a proper tree pruning. The pruning of a specimen is not always carried out in the same way. A proper analysis of the factors involved is basic to decide how the pruning will be carried out.

As far as high altitude pruning is concerned, such as pruning palm trees or pine trees, even more so if it is a pruning in Mallorca, all the previous criteria must be taken into account but adding the safety part, which is basic to minimise risks and avoid staff falls. At S’Estepa Jardiners we have been doing ornamental pruning and tree pruning in Mallorca for over 20 years. Good pruning work in Mallorca can only be done when experience, training and professional equipment are combined. The sensitivity of the professional is also basic to carry out a perfect job.

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