The orange tree is one of the most typical trees in the Mediterranean. It is used in gardening not only for its fruit but also for the colour of its leaves.

When choosing a tree, it is important to know the variety to buy. Depending on the type, we will have oranges in November or in June. Therefore, if you want to plant two orange trees, we recommend you to put the two types, so you can have fruit at different times of the year.

As for pruning orange trees, we should bear in mind that the location of the tree in the garden is vital. We tend to do light pruning, clearing the sprouts from its base, depending on the height we want it to have in the garden.

When the time comes to cultivate the soil beside the tree, remember not to dig very deep because the tree roots are very sensitive and could be damaged.

When adding fertiliser, the amount of nitrogen is to be controlled as the orange tends to get iron chlorosis, especially here in Majorca.