The excess of temperatures during the summer usually takes its toll on the lawn, creating bald spots and very damaged areas. If new sowings or replantings are to be carried out … together with the spring one, this is the ideal moment.
We will reduce the frequency of waterings and prevent the plants from reaching the wet night.
We will distance the mowing.
We will pay with slightly higher doses and fertilizers rich in potash to strengthen it in the face of autumn and winter.
It is also a good time to begin to scarify it to break the “felt” of dead plant remains that form on the surface of the soil. With this we will improve both the aeration of the soil and the capacity of water absorption.
Carry out a good irrigation after scarification, improve the quality of the soil, fertilizers will reach a greater depth and the lawn will improve significantly.
If there are areas that with the excess of humidity and shade the moss grows, there are products called precisely ‘anti moss’ with which we can control it.