Winter is long for gardens in Majorca. Most plants and trees undergo a process similar to the hibernation of animals, absorbing nutrients to take advantage of them when temperatures improve. During the months of December to March it is also normal to neglect them more than is convenient. To recover the garden and to make it look the way we want in the summer, for years we have been setting up gardens in Mallorca, both for private homes and for hotels and apartments.

The importance of a good set-up

For the garden set-ups, we have touched up all the parts of the garden, recovering the work not carried out in recent months. At S’Estepa Jardiners de Confiança, we are experts in gardening and we adjust our budget to carry out the necessary work to recover your garden and maximize its beauty. From hedge pruning, to clearing tree pruning, palm pruning, fertilizers, irrigation start-up, etc.

Starting at the right time is a significant saving

During the initial months of privamera is when a good job then becomes highly visible in the short term. The experience of good gardening equipment will allow you to give the right treatment to each plant. An abandoned garden, the sooner you work on its recovery, the less work it will require a posteriori and the less budget it will require. The planning and correct start-up of the irrigation systems is also critical in the months of April and May to be able to face the summer season with guarantees.

We are at your disposal for any questions regarding the maintenance and development of gardens in Mallorca.