Here is the step by step process of change carried out in this garden located in Selva. Phases of the garden installation:

PHASE 1 – Relocation of the rustic stones of the planters in the perimeter of the garden, with the aim of achieving a greater sensation of spaciousness.

PHASE 2 – Planting a bamboo hedge with PVC fabric and a 1 m³ trench. Bamboo needs depth for the roots and since they are very invasive we control its extension with the fabric.

PHASE 3 – Installation of 5 cm Easy Way edging where the previous stones were, standing out very little in order to separate the planters from the pavement. In the planters, Lippia nodiflora was planted, which will surround the planter in a green colour, creating a contrast with the rest.

PHASE 4 and end of garden installation

On the ground, picadis is placed and pressed with a lawn roller, weed control fabric is installed and it is covered with a small layer of torrent river stone with a very small measure (like a lentil), so that it can be stepped on with heels or even barefoot.

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