The garden is one metre higher than the level of the house and pool. It has a metre-high wall separating them. From the house you go up to the garden by stairs.
The garden can be divided into two spaces: 1. the area of the lawn (already existing) and 2. the area of the gravel path (to be designed).

In order to separate the two zones, we have thought of Pittosporum tobira nana, a variety that gets a rounded shape, does not need to be trimmed and provides a very natural separation between the zones.

The garden where the gravel path runs widens right in the middle so that it is possible to enjoy this space. This path accesses the lawn area on two sides and also runs through the entire garden until it ends on the other side.

The path creates a series of planters. We have taken into account a perspective of heights in which the plants in front of the house do not cover those in the back. For this reason, we have naturally placed the smaller bushes in the front and the larger ones in the back. We have also taken into account marking the path with small wild flowers in some sections without covering the bushes located in the parterres.

There is a small lake in the middle of the garden which is flanked on both sides by the Pittosporum and in front of it we have thought of Agapanthus, plants that can be compared to aquatic plants, giving that area a more humid environment.

The plants that have been chosen are rustic plants of different colours and with different blooms: green (rosemary euryops or pittosporums), grey (teucrium
eremophila santolina) and red (gaura).

We have thought of placing two medium-height trees right in the centre of the garden, which is where we will have our relaxation area to have shade in the morning and in the afternoon. These trees are semi-evergreen, but in winter they will not provide much shade and in summer they will provide light shade.

We have also thought of putting an almond tree in a corner: a tree that we can control, offers a Majorcan appearance and blooms early in spring.

In the relaxation area, we have thought of having a view of the entire garden from the centre. An hourglass is formed and reduces towards the centre. Thus, when people sit down, the heights and directions of the plants are reduced and the vision is maximum.

On the whole, we have tried to design a garden as natural as possible with a perspective of heights and different colours. We have created shaded areas with the
Jacarandas and we have separated the two areas of the garden, lawn and gravel path area, with a Pittosporum hedge.