The months from September to December are the most interesting to act against the processionary of the pines. The caterpillar in these months is in larval development so the treatment will be much more effective.

There are two types of pest treatment:

  • By endotherapy: injection of the insecticide product in the trunk of the pines; Sage is responsible for distributing the treatment throughout the tree.
    By sulfation: with a fumigation pump or water vapor we bathe the surface of the tree externally.

In S’Estepa we always use natural, biological, non-chemical insecticides that minimize the impact on the environment and people. In the case of the processionary we apply a treatment with Bacillus Thuringiensis. It is a very effective gram-positive bacterium against insect larvae. In the case of the caterpillar of the processionary this treatment prevents it from feeding properly, thus dying of starvation.

As always, prevention is much better than cure. So if you have pines, during these autumn months, in S’Estepa we can make the most appropriate treatment to avoid the processionary and control the pests of your plants and trees